Concentration is one of our most important intellectual abilities, which fundamentally determines our attitude towards the world. It depends on our concentration whether we see our environment fully, partially or pointwise. This bears an effect on our decision making, sexuality, intellectual capacity, etc. Different types of concentration exist, the use of which varies individually, however in most cases people do not make the best of their opportunities. And even if they possess the ability to use more than one type out of the repertoire, they usually do not select them according to the situation. The ability of concentration is important not only in our private life, but it has an impact on the effectiveness of the spiritual and etheric trainings too. Similarly to all abilities, it is a characteristic of concentration that it cannot be significantly improved by merely practicing it. Participants of the training are introduced to the notion and the types of concentration. They receive initiation to the ability itself, and learn a method for practicing it. They get familiarized with the different modes of concentration, how to mix them at will and that how they can and should be used in different situations.

After successfully completing the course, participants, having a new ability at their disposal, will take part in life differently, will have a different view of the world, will make decisions in a different way, and a new dimension of spirituality will open for them.
Those who do not wish to stop at the basics of the science of concentration may have the opportunity to take their ability to an even higher level. Further details are available at the trainings.