The prana inhaled has to be transformed in the lungs, which process is helped by the stomach and the spleen. The energy that we absorb from the food we eat moves from the stomach to the spleen, where it undergoes a transformation. Then it passes on to the lungs, in order to fuse with the prana. In case this support of the stomach and the spleen cannot be realized, the prana cannot accomplish its mission. Those who participate in our course will experience what help the two supportive organs can provide, and will be able to clear away the blockings that prevent the process from taking place. In our civilised culture, the spleen of those who do intellectual work is run down. In the case of those who neglect the importance of proper nutrition the stomach would fall victim. The energetic problems of these two organs, or the symptoms of these, may appear either in direct relation with the organs in question, or elsewhere – suggesting (falsely) that the problems have no connection with them.