It is already generally accepted nowadays that man, as a human being, has a double nature. It has a visible physical body and an invisible energy body. As our physical body takes different materials from and gives different materials off to the environment, our energy body takes up and uses different kinds of energy. Some of these are related directly to the Earth, our planet, thus they are called earth energies. The others form part of the solar system, so those are called celestial energies. Our lungs, during inhalation, take in a certain type of celestial energy which is called prana. This prana, after arriving to the lungs, transforms, and then takes part in the energy supply of other organs of the body. If there is not enough prana in the process, or if it cannot be transformed properly, that will have an unfavourable impact on our inner balance. The good functioning of the lungs is the basis of the good functioning of the body as a whole. If they lose their good qualities, it will result in the weakening of the whole body. This may result in the development of cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, emasculation, etc. The reason for this is to be found in the energetic interconnections within the body. Recent influenza epidemics have often caused lung and bronchial problems too. All these signs indicate that this organ needs enhanced protection.